Saturday, November 27, 2010

Reset {Barracuda Taqueria}

We have a nearly empty refrigerator. That's a rarity for us, but between all the travel and the snow keeping Amazon Fresh away, it's just cleared out. So tomorrow we'll actually visit the grocery store and restock. Truly, it's good timing. In addition to picking up a few items to make some holiday favorites, B and I just plain need to reset.

Overindulgence has been a bit of an issue lately and we really need to reign it in. The best way I know of to do this is to create a menu that we can stick to predictably. This helps us to limit our meals out to once (and sometimes twice) a week. Tomorrow perhaps I'll share some of what we put on our menu. Tonight, though, as we shared our last Barracuda Street Nachos for awhile, I'm a little more focused on what we won't be eating much of any time soon.

I got a new laptop this weekend, so I've been looking through my photos getting ready to move them from the old to the new. I came across a few photos from one place that's tough for us to avoid once the weather turns cold: Zeek's pizza. They are a very quick walk away or they deliver. We haven't been in a few weeks, but I know the idea will occur to one or both of us again before long. Between the gluten, the grease and the beer, it's best if we avoid it, but it is always a temptation. When we visit Zeek's, it's always the same order... We have a John Candy, I have the Mixed Greens salad and we share some beer or another. It's all so very good.

Here's hoping tomorrow's grocery reset keeps tempation at bay for awhile and, once we've earned it, I can tell you about our next awesome visit to Zeek's!

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