Monday, November 15, 2010

Putting the Brakes on a Breakneck Pace {Tutta Bella}

I've started writing this post three times now. The first day back to work after vacation, even a short vacation, is always hectic. That's to be expected. Today, though, I walked into a practical whirlwind that kept me spinning from the minute I walked in the door until B picked me up at the end of the day. I think my brain may be just a touch too fried to form any fully coherent thoughts. Bear with me.

We decided to stop somewhere on the way home to eat since we have almost no food in the house and Amazon Fresh didn't have any available delivery times until tomorrow. I wasn't really in the mood for something super nice or heavy given we really overdid it over the weekend. We're also in the middle of what appears to be a freak wind storm. 520 was swaying as we drove over it, street lights were swinging, flags were flapping uncontrollably. Walking anywhere to eat wasn't exactly appealing. This didn't leave a whole lot of options, but the perfect idea came to me as we were sitting in traffic and we headed for Tutta Bella Neopolitan Pizzeria. 
Tutta Bella fit the requirements for what I wanted. The atmosphere is laid back and casual, they have parking, the pizza isn't heavy or greasy and they serve one of my favorite salads in the city. They are also ridiculously fast! B ordered the Campania pizza with Pomodoro San Marzano, Iserino's chicken sausage, fresh mozzarella, oil cured oilives, red chile flakes and fresh basil. He substituted the olives for pancetta. I had the Salerno salad with small fresh mozzarella, crunchy shaved fennel, cherry tomato halves, cucumbers, basil, romaine and dijon-balsamic vinaigrette.They also serve amazing gelato, but we opted out tonight. That's saying something for me. I'd pretty much live on frozen desserts if that was possible, but it's cold outside and I was looking forward to getting home.

It really is amazing what a good, comforting meal can do for your stress level. My day started busy and ended hectic, but once we sat down and I had a glass of iced tea and a salad, I felt better. At a time of year when life is getting progressively busier and more demanding with each passing moment, it's not only nice, but important to have a way to switch gears at the end of the day. Tonight I am grateful for a simple salad and the chance to relax before heading back into the craziness in the morning.

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  1. That pizza looks delicious. Good luck with catching up at work before traveling again next weekend. We're going to Salem, OR for Thanksgiving.

    By the way, congrats on reaching #25 on Urbanspoon's Seattle Leaderboard. :)

  2. Thank you for such a great post on us. I'm glad you and B enjoyed yourselves at Tutta Bella on Westlake Ave.

    Next time if you go for the gelato, try the Salted Carmel Chocolate Chip.

    See you soon,

    Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria