Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Christmas - Potatoes, Pudding and Cabin Fever {Urbane}

B and I have both been sick for over a week now. Today is probably the first day we've both felt mostly human. I have a knack for getting sick over the holidays, but usually it has something to do with air travel. This time, there was no real reason. We were both just plain struck down by some nasty germ. Aside from a couple short trips, we've hardly left the house since last Friday night.

A few weeks ago, after our Thursday night dinner at Urbane, I noticed they would be open on Christmas day, so we decided to make a reservation. When B and I stay in Seattle for the holidays (which hasn't been all that often), it always feels a little silly to cook an elaborate meal for just the two of us. It feels a little silly not to do something special, though. Our first Christmas together, I made a simple chicken dinner and we watched all (the extended versions) of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We started the movies on Christmas Eve. It was a looooooong two days. The three Christmases after that one, we traveled. While we've eaten out three Thanksgivings, Saturday night marked my first ever Christmas dinner out... unless you count our Christmas in Maui which I don't because, well, because it's Maui.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Refuge From the Rain {Tilikum Place Cafe}

As has been known to happen, B and I went out to dinner on Monday night. This Monday dinner out was a bit unlike the others in that it was actually in place of our Thursday night dinner this week. Life is a little hectic this week between our individual work Christmas parties, jam packed work schedules and trying to get all our holiday chores done, so Monday was the night.

About three months ago, on our last visit to Zeek's Pizza, I noticed a restaurant I'd never seen before across the street. Right next door to The Five Point Cafe is a little restaurant called The Tilikum Place Cafe. Since it's less than a five minute walk from home for us, I made a mental note to look it up when we got home. The reviews were decent. It sounded like a place we would enjoy, so I added it to our list. I wasn't super excited about visiting, though, so I kept pushing it further and further down the list. As I may have mentioned two or ten times before, it's been pouring rain here for days now. That combined with the fact that we needed to be home in time for our grocery delivery made it the perfect day to finally give Tilikum Place a shot.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Today hasn't been a great day. Work is especially busy right now, as it is this time every year. To add to the expected chaos, we're going through lots of change (good change, but change all the same) in the office as well. Add that on top of trying to keep up with personal holiday commitments and you get a few not-so-great days. It's also been raining (well, flooding, really) hard in the Puget Sound area over the last few days, so the weather hasn't contributed much to the spirit lifting efforts. This all sounds fine and despressing, but that's not the point. The point is, when life is a bit frustrating and the rain is really coming down, the bright spots (both literal and figurative) are all the more impactful.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breaking All the Rules... {Book Bindery}

It's my party and I'll... break the rules if I want to. They are, afterall, my rules. I promised myself I wouldn't blog about the same place over and again. I already broke this self-imposed rule once when it came to the Book Bindery. I've committed the same transgression in the name of Marjorie. Tonight, having just arrived home from my birthday dinner, I can't help myself from breaking it again.

My justification (bear with me... the justifying is for my sake) is that we had a different experience at Book Bindery tonight than we've had on other visits. We always knew the the Tasting Room at the Almquist Family Vinters was there, we just never really had time or a ton of interest in visiting.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Movin' on up... {Barking Frog}

The very best Thurdsay dinners are those with some unique quality setting them apart from all the rest. Last night, two special aspects made the night memorable and even more enjoyable than usual.

First, we visited a restaurant on the Eastside. We're city people. We're Seattle people. We are decidedly not Eastsiders. While B and I cross the bridge together on a daily basis for work, we also drive back across to our own side as quickly as possible at the end of each day. When I first moved to the area, I was a little confused and amused at the passion people show, not only for their neighborhood, but for which side of the water they live on. I'm not as passionate about my neighborhood as many. I'd just as soon live in Queen Anne or Capitol Hill as Belltown. The more urban areas of the Westside, while each unique in their own way, are all pretty equivalent in my mind. Over the past four years, though, I've adopted a bit of that west-side-of-the-bridge loyalty.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thursday Night Dinner... Table for 9! {Urbane}

Last night's Thursday night dinner was the largest yet. With a table for nine at Urbane, we increased our largest Thursday dinner by about five. After a brief, but mildly panicked expression of concern from our friend, M, I've decided not to call anyone by their full name and continue in the vein of B. In case you've ever wondered, B is called B by his choice. What's funny about it is that I now find myself referring to him that way in conversations with people who actually know him.