Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boots in the Bathtub and Other Snow Day Traditions {Macrina Bakery & Cafe}

B and I worked from home today. We're lucky enough to be able to do this and not take any chances if the roads are bad. Last Winter was very mild so we didn't have any snow days at all. Two years ago was quite the opposite story. Between snow days and the holidays, we were out of the office for 21 days. If you believe the meteorologists, we're in for a crazy season this year. When it comes to snow, many people in Seattle are extremely critical of everyone else in Seattle's driving, the city's response, Mother Nature, you name it. Then there are those folks who think the snow is no big deal since they grew up in (insert Midwestern or East Coast city here). They get on the roads with all the Seattle drivers and their lack of snow savviness. The results are rarely positive. Why take a chance when this might be what you get?

I'm very grateful that my experience with last night's snow involved watching the traffic from a safe distance and one (potentially stupid) trip to the top of the Space Needle. Not everyone was so lucky, though. Many endured long, torturous commutes of twelve hours or longer. The stories are all over the news and internet (including one from my friend and fellow blogger, K.C.) serving as reminders that, in Seattle, don't bother trying to tough it out. Get off the road. So off the road is where B and I will stay.

In the Winter of 2008, B and I started the tradition of walking to lunch at Macrina Bakery & Cafe on snow days. We discovered something today. It's a lot more fun when it's actually snowing. Today's walk was bone chilling and slippery, but minus the beauty of the falling snow. We also got a closer view of the danger on many of the roads.

We arrived at Macrina early since they are normally totally packed by lunch time. This photo is from one of our visits in 2008, but it gives you an idea of the warmth and coziness Macrina offers as a refuge from the bitter cold.

Today's visit was a little disappointing because they hadn't yet received their sandwiches. B had some trouble fnding something he liked on the menu. Their menu is fairly heavy on the vegetables and that's not exactly up his alley. He eventually decided on the pizzetta (Bacon, herb roasted tomatoes, roasted onions, mozzarella, spinach, fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil) minus the onions and spinach. I had the Scalloped Potatoes (scalloped potatoes with pancetta, Delicata squash, roasted green onions and a trio of cheeses) and a green salad. I mentioned our love for Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale a few days ago. What I didn't mention before was that the love affair started at Macrina. Despite the fact that a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate would probably be more seasonally sensible, we always have a ginger ale.

 Lumps of Sugar

After lunch we hurried back home to our computers. Condo living has its limitations and lack of a place to deposit wet clothing and boots is certainly not the least of those when one lives in a climate like this. We arrived home, removed our wet boots at the door and prompty deposited them in the bathtub to dry. They will stay there until we retrieve them tonight to make the frigid walk to dinner.

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  1. Thank you again for the shout out. Guess I am a real blogger now that someone else said it.

    Is Macrina the one all the way down by the Starbucks HQ?

  2. I think you've been a real blogger for awhile. :)

    Could be. They have 3 cafes and then the big bakery. This one is the one in Belltown. No way I was walking THAT far on the ice. :)