Monday, October 18, 2010

Oyster Po' Boys are Totally the New Chicken Soup {Where Ya At Matt}

Until recently, I had a strict policy against eating food from anything that could drive away. This might be because I grew up in New Mexico, seeing the sketchy, dilapidated vehicles parked at construction sites. The Roach Coaches were not something to be taken seriously, much less have a meal from. I had one experience with a taco truck during college in LA that didn't kill me, but certainly didn't inspire me to go back.
I watch my fair share of food TV, though not as much as you'd expect from someone who loves to write about food as much as I do. I also read a lot of food blogs. Thanks to these outlets as well as some of my food friends, I slowly came around to the idea of the newest incarnation of food on wheels - the gourmet food truck. I'd started following a few on Twitter and was keeping my eye out for the perfect opportunity to try one.

As misfortune (or perhaps luck) would have it, the exhaustion of last week's epic number of work hours in the company of sick coworkers has me home today fighting a bug. B spending the weekend with me in our small condo has him battling the same. Curled up this morning on the sofa, half keeping an eye on my Twitter feed, I saw it. "@WhereYaAtMatt Shrimp&Grits today in Belltown from 11 to 2!" Thanks to a Facebook update a few minutes later, I learned that my first Seattle food truck experience was a block and a half away. I asked B if he wanted to go. He did not.  He had eggs and last night's leftover salmon. I held out hope. I finally got hungry enough to bundle myself (a bit excessively thanks to my wacky temperature) and head for the door. B stopped me on my way out looking horribly offended that I wasn't taking him with me (despite the fact that he didn't want shrimp and grits- too many grits during childhood, I think). He bundled too and off we went.

Sadly, we waited too long to get there, so when we arrived at Where Ya At Matt they were out of shrimp... no shrimp and grits for me. I chose an oyster Po' Boy instead. They also had about 100 different types of Tabasco sauce (okay, maybe only five). I added a liberal amount of the garlic Tabasco and headed home. B also got one of his favorite rare treats - Coke in a glass bottle.

I only have one word for this sandwich.  WOW.
It was a pretty big sandwich and I swore I wouldn't even be able to eat half, but aside from the small piece I cut off for B, I ate the whole thing! I probably should have had chicken soup instead, but hopefully I made up for it in tea and orange juice consumption because this sandwich was totally worth it!

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  1. Sorry you're feeling under the weather, but glad you got the chance to experience gourmet grub on wheels!

    There's an awesome "taco wagon" near Starbucks HQ off of 1st that is delicious!