Sunday, October 24, 2010

Imported New Mexico Sunshine on a Rainy Seattle Day {Bang Bang Cafe}

B has eaten the same bacon, egg and cheese bagel for breakfast from Cherry Street Coffee almost every weekend for over a year now. Repetitious meals are not a problem for him. I too get into food moods (just like most people). I was (and maybe still am) on a Caprese salad kick since early summer, but I still need variety... and lots of it. So, we've come to an agreement. He gets Saturday morning breakfasts (which means he gets his bagel and I'll come up with something at home) and I get to choose Sunday morning breakfast... at least through the winter months. We really don't need to eat two breakfasts out a week all year.
This morning was my first Sunday-choice, but B really made the decision. It's ok. He chose something he knew I wanted. A Christmas style breakfast burrito from Bang Bang Cafe. For those not familiar with NM chile lingo, this just means choosing red and green chile together on your meal instead of just one or the other.

I've mentioned Bang Bang Cafe briefly before. It's a cute little cafe owned by sisters and Albuquerque natives, Yuki and Miki Sodos. Open since 2009, they serve a variety of pastries, coffee, sandwiches, soups and (perhaps most importantly) New Mexico style breakfast burritos, complete with green and red chile sent fresh from Hatch, NM. The last time we visited was early Spring. The burrito was excellent, but you could definitely tell the chile was even fresher this time since NM is still in the middle of harvest season. Inside, it was filled with potatoes, turkey sausage, egg and beans. It was delicious.

Funny enough, this isn't something I would order to eat at home in NM. I guess we really do want what we can't have... or at least can't have conveniently.  My own need for variety means I will probably choose Barracuda Tacos for next week's breakfast.  They're another favorite. On this particular rainy, cold Seattle day, though, I'm very grateful to the Sodos sisters for bringing me a little piece of home.

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  1. every time it rains I always look to something warm or spicy comfort food. This looks delicious.