Saturday, January 15, 2011

Unwinding Close to Home {Sport Restaurant & Bar}

Friday was a busy, busy day! My job is relatively sedentary, so it's rare for me to have a day when I'm literally moving from beginning to end. It's a nice change from my usual sitting at a desk or in a conference room, but it also reminds me just how far my physical endurance has fallen from my retail days of 10+ hours a day on my feet without blinking. Between my pathetic stamina and a fairly high stress level, I was downright exhausted by the end of the day. B had a bit of a rough day too thanks to some unexpected computer drama. Instead of turning into total vegetables on the sofa, we decided to walk a couple of blocks to Sport Restaurant & Bar just to hang out and unwind.

Sport is part of the John Howie family of restaurants and sits in a prime location practically underneath the Space Needle. Though we've lived less than 6 blocks away the entire time we've lived in Seattle, we never visited until we moved into our current condo a year ago. They're located in Fisher Plaza (home of KOMO 4 News). It always seemed like a bit of an odd location. The first time we walked in (when our kitchen was still in boxes), I couldn't understand how they were still in business. We were one of two occupied tables in the whole place and, aside from the news station and the Space Needle, there isn't a ton of action in the area in the evening. Still, the food was good and the space is nice. There's lots of sports memorabilia on the walls in cases. Many of the booths have invidividual TV sets.

A few months later, we made a return trip to watch B's beloved UK Wildcats (and mine too, I may as well admit) play a men's basketball game we couldn't watch at home. It was already getting close to March Madness and nothing about the place was slow. This was just the beginning of many hours we spent at Sport throughout March Madness.

Last night was our first visit in awhile. It was a Friday night, but there wasn't too much going on in the sports world, so we didn't have any trouble getting a seat in the bar. Most people were probably saving up their visit for sometime this weekend. I had a cup of clam chowder, B had a cup of their Texas Style Steak Chili and we split an order of Buffalo Bites and Garlic Fries.

We were both starving and figured we'd need to order more food, but it turned out to be the perfect amount. It was such a nice way to end the week. They have more than just bar food and it's good, but these are a few of our Sport favorites.

Today we watched UK beat LSU 82-44. Basketball season is definitley back and Conference play is in full swing. I see many more trips to Sport in our near future. We thought about going back in the morning for the Seahawks game, but I'm not sure we can get up early enough to beat that crowd!

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  1. OMG! That food looks delicious!! I'm instantly hungry for dinner.