Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bonus Weather

Once the weather in Seattle has turned, you sort of resign yourself to the fact that you've seen the last of the sun until July.  Of course, even in Seattle, we're bound to get a sunny day here and there.  That's called bonus weather.  Today,we got a HUGE bonus... High 70's, clear skies, awesome.  The total attitude transformation that takes place in this city on sunny days is astounding.  There are people everywhere on the streets.  They're smiling, friendly... grateful. 

The Pike Place Market is one of the longest continuously running markets of it's kind in the country.  While it can be a bit of a tourist trap (especially in the summer), we visit the Market almost weekly, especially during the summer months.  it's only about a mile from home for us, so it's an easy walk, and there is always something new to discover.  We've been going there for the full four years that we've lived in Seattle, and without exaggeration, every single time we visit, we discover something new.  Today,we discovered some interesting light fixtures we hadn't seen before on the back side.

The Market isn't set up ideally for festivals.  There is enough space for vendors to set up only one row of tents.  Space is definitely at a premium.  Though this was an artisan food festival, the bulk of the vendors were not food vendors.  Everyone from Zip Car to local glass artists were set up between the food vendors selling their products.

One of my favorite vendors was selling paperweights and other glass art.  I loved these glass pumpkins and the glass hearts.  We meant to stop by to buy some on our way back, but forgot once we'd headed out of the Market into downtown.

As far as food vendors go, we stopped and bought some dip mix from Serendipity Artisan foods, some chocolate from the Chocolate Box and potato chips from Royal City, Washington.  There was a very cool little pizza place with a mini wood burning stove.  We REALLY wanted a pizza, but weren't hungry at all, so we didn't have one.  If the weather is anything like it was today tomorrow, we'll probably go back.  The festival lasts for 2 days.

I'm hoping for good weather tomorrow and would really like to go back and buy a few more things.  There was a hard cider vendor, a few amazing looking cheese vendors, and, of course, THAT pizza.  I won't count on it, though.  That's Seattle weather for you.  You have to walk away knowing that tomorrow might bring the return of the gray skies and the stooped necks of pedestrians trying to keep their faces dry.  If we get a second day of weather like today, well then, we hit the jackpot!
Today was a perfect day for bonus weather.  There was lots of activity happening in the city.  At the Seattle Center alone, there was the Italian Festival, a comic book festival and the Decibel Festival (aka a daytime rave so loud it sounded like it was in our living room).  The Pike Place Market was also hosting it's first annual Artisan Food Festival, benefitting the Pike Place Market Foundation.  The Market Foundation is the organization that supports elderly and low-income services for residents of downtown Seattle.  This was our destination of choice on this sunny day.

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  1. The photographs are making me hungry and your conversational tone makes for very easy reading. Keep it up!!